Members are advised to regularly check the notice board in the shop for the very latest information regarding competitions.
1) Major Competitions :- to enter Major competitions members must
1a) Have a current WHS active handicap
1b) Be a home player. (Away players are not eligible to enter).
1c) Be a Pay & play Member or 7 Day Member. 5 day members who win a Victor Ludorum qualifying competition and any lady who wins the June Roberts Memorial Trophy are eligible to enter and win the Victor ludorum played at weekend providing full payment of weekend greenfee.
1d) New members are not eligible to win a major competition during their first year of membership from their joining date, unless they have 20 rounds on WHS in the previous 12 months. This means entry to all Matchplay competitions - both singles and doubles is prohibited. New members can play in Strokeplay Major events but will be demoted to runner up.
1e) The following are classed as Major Competitions:- Club Championship; The Loates Cup; Captains Shield; Presidents Cup; Past Captains Trophy; Memorial Shield; Founders Day; Singles Match play; Doubles Match play; Victor Ludorum Trophy; Seniors Championship, Seniors Doubles Match Play, and the June Roberts Memorial Trophy
1f) In addition, eligible 5-day members are permitted to enter the Senior's Championship when played midweek (A senior must be aged 55 years of age or above on or before January 1st of the current year to be eligible to enter any club Seniors events).
2) Competition Entry and score entry completion

2a) Competitors should complete an envelope with their name, competition and date clearly marked on it with correct competition fee and place in the box on the counter in the shop prior to commencing their rounds. All members must follow the entry criteria for each competition and pay their green fees prior to commencement of play.
2b) Competitors are themselves responsible for ensuring their cards are marked with all the relevant information along with the correct scores, course handicap, playing handicap and signatures, before being returned. All competition score cards must be returned, regardless of whether the round is completed or not. Incomplete cards must be marked accordingly. Cards are deemed to be returned when they are placed in the box of the day. Cards not in the correct box when the competition is closed will be deemed as no returns. The outside box (on the gable end of the clubhouse) is only the correct box when the Clubhouse is closed (shop being used for box location during Covid restrictions). Members are also responsible for entering their scores into a PSI computer terminal or via the Howdidido
2c) In order to win the 1st prize all entrants must have completed 3 competitive rounds in the previous 12 months . Failure to do so will mean the player can only win the 2nd place prize but not the 1st place prize.
2d) All players should enter their scores on either digital system PSI in the clubhouse or Howdidido App before midnight on the day of the competition in order for the WHS to update for the next day. If players have difficulty entering their scores they can email a copy of their cards to the relevant person dealing with that days competition and it can be inputted. This must be before midnight. For each offence there will be disqualification.
2e) Any member owing money to the club will not be eligible to play in any competitions until such monies have been paid.
2f) Cards can only be marked by a fellow member of Hart Common Golf Club, and not by a member's guest.
2g) Failure to turn up for a competition (including the second round of a 36 hole competition) without sufficient notice may be deemed as ungentlemanly conduct, and action may be taken by the Committee against such offenders. (Maximum penalty for breach of rule – suspension from future competitions for a period decided by competitions committee and/or payment of entry fees from missed competitions).
2h) The Order of Merit competition is run on 13 singles competitions:
These are Monthly medals and Majors (Does not include the championships or match play competitions)
The winner of this event is the player with the most points when all rounds have been completed. Points are awarded on a 1st = 10pts 2nd = 9pts etc down to 10th net place. Entry to this competition is free and automatic.

2i) All ties in competitions will be decided by card playoff. In the event of any non-resolvable ties, prizes will be shared, with the exception of Seniors Championships: if scores are tied after 36 holes no card playoff to take place. Seniors Championship should be resolved by a 3 holes Strokeplay play off (holes 1,2, & 18) should be played as soon as possible after last group finishes. If the tie cannot be resolved over 3 holes, then sudden death starting on the first of the 3 holes previously played should be played until it is resolved
2j) The Club Championship will now be referred to as the Scratch Competition.
This will be played over 36 holes over two consecutive days. On the second day, players will go out in reverse order. Any player not attending the second day of the competition will be subject to the standard sanctions
The Club Champion will now be decided by means of a Scratch matchplay to take place in the 2 weeks following the Scratch Competition.
The top 8 players from the Scratch Competition will play with the winner being declared the Club Champion. At the time that an email is sent out confirming that booking zones are open for the Scratch competition, the dates of the knockout matches will also be given. If a top 8 player is not available and does not have a valid excuse (as agreed upon by the Committee), standard sanctions will apply and their place will be given to the 9th place, 10th place etc until the full 8 player quota is full.

2k). The Seniors Championship is played over 36 holes over two consecutive Thursdays. This is played off white tees and is a Net competition.
The first round will be a drawn competition with 2 times zones for booking (one in the morning, one late afternoon). On the Second day players will go out in reverse order.
Any player who fails to attend on the second day without a valid reason (as agreed upon by the Committee) will be subject to the standard sanctions.

2l) When preferred lies/adverse weather conditions are in play a notice will be displayed on the club notice board stating relevant details.
2m) Members should also pay heed to the local rules on the score card and notice board.
2n) All prizes for honour board Competitions , Monthly Medals will be presented at the presentation evening only along with any trophy competition. If for any reason the winners are unable to attend that year’s event an apology must be sent. If the winners do not excuse themselves in writing the money goes back into the club fund.

3) Prizes : Prizes are allocated for summer competitions in the following way.
Prize Pot Percentages
20% Committee of total entry fees
5% Presentation of total entry fees
75% Prize Pot (Net prize) of total entry fees

Divisions to apply to all individual 18-hole competitions from the White tees (Red for the Ladies competing in mixed events) including Majors. But in all competitions, there can only be one overall winner either for the Victor Ludorum or the board and that is Best Net (except Club Scratch Competition).

• Division 1 for players with a PH of 14 or less on the day.
• Division 2 for players with a PH of 15 and above on the day.

All Strokeplay Competitions- 10% of the total net prize pot will be allocated to the best gross prize.
1-19 entrants – 1 prize each division, 100% of Net prize (after deduction of any lowest gross prize)
20-39 – 2 prizes each division – 60/40% split of net prize (after deduction of any lowest gross prize)
40+- 3 prizes each division – 50/30/20 split of net prize. (after deduction of any lowest gross prize)

All Prize Pot Percentages - 20% Committee 5% Presentation 75% Prize Pot
Places Prize 1 Prize 2 Prize 3 Prize 4 Prize 5 Prize 6 Entrants
1 100% 1-19
2 60% 40% 20-29
3 45% 35% 20% 30-59
4 30% 25% 22% 12% 8% 5% 60+
All prizes will be as per the schedule above. Additionally, the club Scratch Competition will be gross scores only. All these events will have supplementary prizes such as nearest the pin.
Matchplay events :- 2 Prizes Winner and runner up
Order of merit:- 1 prize Winner
Sponsored events – Prizes awarded at sponsors discretion.
Captains Shield – Mr Captain
Presidents Day – Mr President
Academy Trophy
The committee have the right to alter this information and also reduce/increase prizes and allocation of prizes where/when the committee deem appropriate. Any such changes will be notified to members prior to any changes taking place.