For your General Play round to qualify for your WHS Handicap Index, you must:

a) Pre-register before your round, ie BEFORE you tee off, via HDID or EG app. Be aware of the geographic restrictions that require you to be in close proximity to the course you are playing.

b) ONLY if submitting a physical card, cards should be clearly marked General Play with your name, markers name, date, tees selected (either Yellow or Red tees only), your Handicap Index and the Course Handicap for the tee selected.

c) Play to the Rules of Golf and hole out every putt.

d) Over a minimum of 10 holes for an 18 hole round. All 9 for a 9 hole round.

e) There are acceptable formats of play, so individual Stroke Play, Stableford, Par/Bogey and Maximum Score can all be used to submit a score. Fourball stroke play, individual match play and fourball match play rounds can’t be used.

f) Play with at least one other person who has a Handicap Index.

g) On completion of your round, enter the scores via the app and


a. post your card signed by yourself and your marker in the grey box in the Club shop or, if closed, in the box on the Clubhouse wall for collection the day after the round is played, or
b. Email a photo of the completed General Play round to the Handicap Secretary upon completion of your round, ie on the day the round is played.


c. ensure that the score is entered and attested in the app before midnight of the day the round is played.

Failure to follow the above will result in your round being removed from your record.